The Xtreme Charge® XC100-P Battery Charger and Desulfator evaluates and tests 12-Volt lead-acid batteries -VRLA, AGM or flooded. This battery charger makes maintenance and bulk charging simple with proprietary algorithms and microprocessor controlled technology that measures voltage and current to determine the proper operating charge. The variable float charge, of this battery charger, improves battery condition by increasing the charge rate safely to optimal levels and protecting it from being overcharged. Includes fuse-protected battery clamps and lugs.

Xtreme Battery Maintenance Charger Desulfator

SKU: XC100-P
    • Charges and maintains 12-Volt lead-acid VRLA, AGM and flooded batteries     
    • Extends battery life with desulfating pulses     
    • Fully-automatic microprocessor controlled technology     
    • Cannot overheat or overcharge the battery     
    • Reverse battery protection and indication  
    • Sparkless operation    
    • Includes both heavy-duty clamps and lugs      
    • Fuse protected cables      
    • Rugged plastic protective case     
    • Five-Year Limited Warranty

    This innovative, state-of-the-art battery charger automatically knows what to do so you don’t have to be a battery expert to use it.  Unlike other smart chargers on the market, you don’t need to select the battery type or the proper charge rate for your car’s battery to avoid the risk of unsafe or improper charging.

    There’s no guess work because the fuse-protected, spark-proof Xtreme Charge® works on any type of 12-Volt lead-acid battery – VRLA, AGM and flooded.  Proprietary algorithms combined with microprocessor controlled technology measure the battery’s voltage and current to automatically determine and deliver the precise charge rate based on the size and condition of the individual battery, both initially and continuously throughout the five-stage charge process.

    Xtreme Charge is more than a battery charger and maintainer.  During the maintenance cycle, PulseTech’s patented, optimized frequency pulsing constantly works to minimize and reduce naturally occurring battery sulfation – the main cause of battery failures.  By reducing the size and number of lead sulfate deposits on the battery plates that negatively affect your battery’s ability to accept, store and release energy, your battery will charge deeper, maintain greater reserve capacity and last longer – up to five times longer.

    The quick disconnect feature allows you to permanently attach lugs to the battery and easily switch between lugs and clamps.  The status light column shows you when the unit power is on, pulsing and charging.  The battery light column indicates the percentage of the battery’s state of charge – 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%.