The RediPulse PRO-12-RP is designed to keep stored 12-Volt lead-acid batteries fully charged with a continuous cycle of low amperage charge which reverses the normal discharge rate. As many as twelve 12-Volt batteries can be connected from a single AC outlet safely without risk of sparking between the battery leads. The PRO-12-RP features optimized high frequency patented pulsing to reduce naturally occurring sulfation buildup. Each unit is equipped with LED lights to indicate the status of each individual battery.

RediPulse12 Station Battery Maintenance System

    • Low amperage patented desulfation pulse charge offsets normal discharge rate
    • Maintains up to twelve batteries in factory fresh condition indefinitely
    • Works with all 12-Volt lead-acid batteries (VRLA, AGM, gel and flooded cell)
    • Patented Pulse Technology reduces and prevents sulfation buildup Audible alarm signals if cables are reversed
    • No sparkling between the leads
    • Completely safe, cannot be overcharged    
    • CEC Compliant
    • Removable cable and battery clip modules can be replaced 
    • 2-Year Limited Warranty
    All batteries, even new batteries, are subject to a naturally occurring buildup of lead sulfate deposits that reduce the battery's ability to accept, store and release energy. Since batteries frequently spend months in transit and in warehouses before you receive them you are set up to fail despite your best efforts.

    If you sell, inventory or service 12-Volt lead-acid batteries (VRLA, AGM, flooded and gel) you'll want the battery you take off the shelf to be as new as the day it was manufactured. The PRO-12-RP 12-Station Battery Maintenance System preserves new and used batteries at peak charge levels by keeping the plates in like-new condition during storage and maintains up to twelve batteries at once. A continuous cycle of low amp charge rotates through the twelve channels offsetting the normal discharge rate. At the same time, optimized high frequency patented pulsing reduces the size and number of lead sulfate deposits so that your shelved batteries stay factory fresh while waiting to be sold or installed.

    Using the PRO-12-RP is straight forward and doesn't require extensive training. Simply connect one to twelve 12-Volt lead acid batteries from a single AC outlet safely with no sparking between the battery leads. An audible alarm sounds if a battery is connected improperly making it easy to verify it's installed correctly. The PRO-12-RP will initiate a self-test during which each of the 12 battery LED indicators will come on green, turn yellow and then red. Then the Pulse and Charge indicator LEDs will come on. Once the self-test is complete, the unit will begin cycling through each of the batteries connected.

    The PRO-12-RP is a maintenance system and is not designed to operate on batteries below 11.5 volts. Batteries discharged lower than this level should be recharged using the SC-12 Xtreme 12-Station HD Battery Charger or the XCR-20 12-Volt Battery Recovery Charger and Desulfator prior to being connected to the PRO-12-RP for maintenance.