Heavy duty Pulse Charger® rolls around to charge and recover any type of lead-acid battery (flooded cell, sealed, VRLA and AGM) in the vehicle with battery box open. Smart technology and pulsing prevents battery gassing and automatically switches between 12 and 24-Volts. Provides charge with very flexible, low resistance battery power leads with conventional alligator clamps. Comes with built-in cable and tool storage.


SKU: HD-799
    • Rolls around where you need it
    • Works on flooded, VRLA and AGM lead-acid batteries
    • Reads the battery condition and automatically provides the charge it needs without overcharging
    • Extends battery life by high frequency pulsing to remove sulfation from battery plates
    • Attaches to the battery by conventional alligator clamps
    • Comes with built-in cable and tool storage
    • Thermal circuit breaker protection
    • Reverse polarity protectionLow resistance, very flexible cable leads
    • One-Year Limited Warranty

    The rolling PRO-HD Pulse Charger automatically switches between 12-Volt and 24-Volt batteries and adjusts the charge voltage and current to maximize battery recovery and charging without over charging.  You can even charge the batteries while still in the vehicles with the battery box open with the heavy duty alligator clamps. 

    Housed in a heavy duty, powder coated 14 gauge cold rolled steel container with built-in cable storage compartment, the Pro-HD Pulse Charger has semi-pneumatic wheels to roll to where your batteries or vehicles are located.  This heavy-duty pulsing charger has up to a 40 Amp DC output in 12- or 24-Volt operating mode and can work with flooded cell, VRLA and AGM lead-acid batteries.

    Colored LED lights and analog amp meter shows the charge being applied to the battery and tells you when the battery is fully charged.