The pocket-sized XC-822-TEST 12V Battery Tester instantly shows an indication of your 12-Volt lead-acid battery's state of charge at 100%, 75%, 50% or 25%. It also provides a quick GOOD or BAD alternator test result. The dual design allows you to insert the test probes directly into the standard quick-disconnect connection without touching the battery posts or to remove the tip probes and touch the battery terminals directly.


    • Tests any kind of 12-Volt lead-acid battery    
    • Tests 12-Volt electrical system    
    • Fast, safe and simple operation    
    • Small enough to fit in your pocket    
    • Easy-to-interpret test results    
    • GOOD or BAD alternator voltage output LED display    
    • Percentage battery state of charge LED display    
    • Tests batteries remotely with leave-on charge cable adapter    
    • 90-Day Limited Warranty

    When you need to know some basic battery and alternator information quickly, the Quick Battery and Alternator Tester is a fast, simple and safe tool to do just that. 

    The colored LED lights display easy-to-interpret results instantly. The alternator results on the top of the tester indicate a GOOD or BAD alternator voltage output. When the voltage is too high, the illuminated BAD LED lights up. The battery test display on the bottom of the tester shows your 12-Volt battery’s state of charge as a percentage of output circuit voltage –100%, 75%, 50% or 25%.

    The tip probes are designed to work either remotely by inserting the test probes directly into the standard quick disconnect connection without touching the battery posts directly or by touching the tips to the battery terminals directly. Touch the red fixed post probe to the positive battery terminal and the black coiled-cord removable probe to the negative battery terminal.