Power-Sonic 12N5.5-3B ♦ Power Sport 12V 5.5AH ♦ Conventional Lead Acid Battery with Acid Pack


  • Battery Voltage: 12 Volts

    Ah Capacity (10 Hour Rate): 5.5 Ah

    Cold Cranking Amps: 55

    Approximate Weight (Dry): 4.3 Lbs

    Electrolyte Volume: 13.5 Oz.

    Regular Charge Rate : .6 Amp

    Dimensions: 5 5/16" x 2 3/8" x 5 1/8"

  • Shipped in specially designed packaging which includes acid pack with correct formulation for the battery. End user must add electrolyte and activate battery. Once these batteries are put into service, they become a completely sealed unit requiring a lot less maintenance than Conventional Power Sport Batteries. Although the battery still needs to be charged on a regular basis if your vehicle is not in use, there is no need to monitor the fluid level in this battery type. Unlike Conventional flooded lead acid batteries, once this type battery is sealed, it becomes spill proof, which can eliminate damage from battery acid that can occur from using a flooded battery.