Power-Sonic has been a leading force in the global battery business for over 42 years. The broad range of sizes and battery types makes the Power-Sonic battery products one of the best choices available on the market today.



Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries are used for:                                                     


  • Emergency Lighting

  • Burglar/Fire Alarms

  • Hand Held Lights

  • Electrical Bicycles/Scooters

  • Test and Measuring Equipment

  • Ride-on Toys

  • Walkie Stackers

  • Metal Detectors

  • Solar Power

  • Film and Theatrical Equipment

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Robotics

  • Invisible fencing

  • Scientific Instruments

  • Photographic Equipment

  • and much more...


All Power-Sonic Sealed Lead Acid Batteries feature:


  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for superior performance.

  • Valve regulated, spill proof construction allows safe operation in any position.

  • Power/volume ratio yielding unrivaled energy density.

  • Rugged plastic case and cover.

  • Approved for transport by air. D.O.T., I.A.T.A. and F.A.A certified.

  • U.L. recognized under file number MH 20845.

  • CE certified.



Powersport Batteries are used for:


  • Motorcycles                                                     

  • All Terrain Vehicles (ATV's)

  • Personal Watercraft

  • Snowmobiles

  • Utility Vehicles

  • Riding Mowers

  • and much more..


Power Sonic Super Sport Series offers

a complete line of batteries to meet all of your

Powersport needs.